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As we age, the forehead and brow descend due to laxity of the skin, muscles and ligaments. Drooping eyebrows and skin lines can result in and lead to a heavy, sad or angry appearance, and are often a source of concern.

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or lateral temporal lift, elevates the outer brow and removes excess tissue to tighten the forehead and open the eyes, giving a refreshed appearance to the upper face. Often performed by itself, it may be combined with other procedures, such as a face lift, neck lift, eye surgery or skin resurfacing, to give a balanced and harmonious facial appearance.

The brow lift procedure takes approximately 2 hours and is performed under general or light sedation anaesthesia as a day case, but typically with an overnight stay if combined with other procedures. Whilst there are many variations in technique, discrete incisions are commonly made behind the hairline, through which ligaments are released, and the forehead is elevated and secured. In some instances, the brow may be elevated through an upper eyelid incision or a small incision above the eyebrow, itself.

After a brow lift, your upper face will appear fresher and smoother as the procedure restores a more pleasing contour to the forehead, brow and eyes. Brow lift incisions are inconspicuous and, in many instances, you are able to return to work after 7-10 days and resume normal activities after 2 weeks. Significant complications from brow lift surgery are infrequent.

Recovery following a brow lift depends on the extent of facial ageing and the type of procedure performed. Mild swelling and bruising disappear within the first few weeks, and forehead and scalp numbness resolve after a few months. Results typically last 5-10 years and depend on the skin quality, ageing and sun damage. During recovery, you should temporarily avoid direct sunlight exposure, and be diligent in using a SPF50+ sunblock to protect the skin.

A brow lift will address the forehead and upper eyelids, and it is common to combine this with other procedures that target sagging below the eyes, the middle or lower face, and neck. Signs of ageing and any significant weight-gain can affect results, and ideal candidates for brow lift procedures exhibit sagging eyebrows, deep forehead creases, are fit, do not smoke, are not taking blood-thinning medication and have realistic expectations.

Following your brow lift, it is important to maintain the results you have achieved. This maintenance will include living a healthy lifestyle and not smoking, as well as regular skin care and sun protection with a high SPF. For optimal results, peels, regular muscle-relaxing injections and fillers may be recommended. 

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