Queens Parade Specialists

Queens Parade Specialists

Excellence By Choice

Queens Parade Specialists is a unique, purpose-built Practice in Melbourne, Victoria, that has an exclusive team specialising in facial surgery and treatments, including those of the skin, soft tissue, facial skeleton, mouth and teeth. Its dedicated team perform medical and aesthetic procedures, including brow lift, face lift, neck lift, eyelid blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, surgical extractions, dental implants and corrective jaw surgery. 

Its dedicated in-house specialists include:

They provide professional care in a discrete and supportive environment, as every patient experience is important and each treatment journey is unique.

At Queens Parade Specialists they understand excellence in service and the many questions their patients have along the way. The patient coordinators are available for your call at any time to discuss your circumstances on (03) 9989 0740, or by email at .


"How you feel about yourself matters"

Dr Jeremy Richardson