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This can cause both aesthetic and functional concerns.

Inverted nipple correction is a surgical procedure that addresses concerns. Surgeons perform nipple correction to correct nipples that are flat or inverted. Dr Jeremy Richardson will tailor the procedure to your needs in order to create a more ideal nipple shape that suits your body and ideals.

What is Inverted Nipple Correction?

Inward pointing nipples can cause a large amount of insecurity and discomfort. It usually occurs due to naturally short nipple ducts, which cause the nipples to be pulled inwards. It can also be a result of breastfeeding, infection, or previous surgery. Although it is common in women, the condition can affect men too. Refining the shape and projection of the nipples can restore a more “outward” appearance and help patients feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Also, the condition can cause functional issues for some people, such as difficulty breastfeeding, skin irritation, and pain. Surgical correction:

  • Improves the projection of the nipples
  • Preserves sensitivity in the area
  • Corrects asymmetries
  • Improves the overall breast appearance
  • Yields lasting results

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Before your procedure, you will need to consult with Dr Richardson to discuss your condition, goals, as well as medical history. This will aid us decide if this is the right path of treatment for you. Patients for inverted nipple correction are ideally non-smokers, at a stable weight, and are overall healthy. Female candidates should also have fully developed breasts before seeking surgery. If you fit this description and are unhappy with the appearance of your nipples, you may be a good candidate.

During your initial meeting with us, we will discuss your condition and surgical options. We will also explain the surgery to give you a clear idea of what to expect, both before and after. You can ask us any further questions to ensure you are well informed.

The Procedure

Inverted nipple correction will vary from patient to patient, depending on their concerns and desired outcomes. This procedure can be performed under a local or general anaesthetic. The most suitable type of anaesthetic for you will be discussed at your consultation.

The procedure works to release the shortened milk ducts that cause the nipple to invert.

There are two general techniques that surgeons use to do this, one involving the division of milk ducts, and the other leaving them intact. Dr Richardson will help you decide which approach is best for your specific case. Once the nipple has been “released,” your incision will be closed with sutures.

Cost of Inverted Nipple Correction

Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. It can depend on the location, the medications, and whether you require local or general anaesthesia. It can also depend on the extent of your condition as well as the surgical technique of correction. Since some procedures may be classed as “medical” in nature, Medicare may cover a portion of your fee. We can discuss this further during your initial meeting with us.

Your Personal Consultation

Request a Consultation

Your personal consultation is the first step to finding the right procedure for you. Dr Jeremy Richardson is a highly skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon, dedicated to providing quality results and a positive patient experience.

Book your appointment to
  • Discuss your physical concerns and goals
  • Receive an outline of your surgical options
  • Get quality advice from a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Receive a customised treatment plan
  • Meet Dr Richardson’s Patient Coordinator and team who will support you through your journey


Afterwards, Dr Richardson will apply dressings and instruct you on how to ensure proper healing. Patients can go home right after their procedure, but we advise that they have a friend or family member drive them home.

You may have some mild swelling and pain, but we can help you manage this with painkillers. Patients can shower the day after their surgery and can resume their normal activities. However, your nipples might be sensitive for a while after your procedure. This means you should take care to not cause further injury to your operated sites while they heal. Generally, patients can expect:

  • Some pain and bruising in the first one to two days
  • Resume light movement such as walking one week after surgery
  • Resume daily tasks such as driving after two weeks, subject to Dr Richardson’s advice
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise for four to six weeks

Risks and Complications

Before your surgery, you should make sure you are aware of the risks involved. You can reduce your risks by adhering to Dr Richardson’s post-op advice, as this will help you achieve the best possible result. Whilst rare, risks of the surgery can include:

  • Bleeding and infection
  • Reactions to anaesthesia
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Visible scars

Although the procedure aims to yield permanent results, there can be cases of reoccurrence. If you notice any issues after your surgery, be sure to consult Dr Richardson.

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