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Male facial implants are designed to enhance the lower facial structures in order to create better definition in these areas.

The procedure improves facial harmony and helps create a more structured, masculine shape. By augmenting the chin and jaw, patients can enjoy a more defined jawline that compliments their natural face shape and features. Dr Jeremy Richardson tailors each surgery to the patient so as to produce customised, natural-looking results.

What Are Male Facial Implants?

This procedure focuses on bringing balance to the facial features in order to give patients their desired look. Male facial implants in the chin and jaw offer a variety of benefits, depending on the patient and their aesthetic concerns.

They are made from either synthetic materials or human tissue. Men who are self-conscious about their side profile may seek this surgery to improve their lower jawline appearance or correct a “sunken” chin shape. Since every patient has different needs, you will discuss the different surgical options with Dr Richardson prior to your procedure. Men seek this surgery to achieve:

  • Increased projection of the chin
  • More distinctive, defined jawline
  • A more balanced and proportionate side profile
  • Reduced appearance of a prominent nose
  • Improved contour between the chin and neck

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Before any surgery, it is important to make sure you are informed about your options and discuss the details of your procedure with a qualified surgeon. Dr Richardson will explain the surgery and answer any questions you may have. You will need to discuss your family and medical history, as this will help us take your health into account when developing a surgical plan. Also, you will be able to outline your reasons for seeking this procedure as well as your ideal results.

Candidates for this procedure are generally in decent physical health and are non-smokers, since smoking increases the risk of healing problems. If you are self-conscious about your jawline shape and side profile, this surgery could be the ideal option for you. We will take your personal needs and goals into account when outlining your treatment plan in order to create the best possible outcomes.

The Procedure

A procedure for male facial implants will usually require an overnight hospital stay. The surgery is performed with general anaesthesia, and the duration can depend on the details of your procedure. Generally, you can expect it to take between one and two hours. Dr Richardson will help you choose the right implant size for your facial features so that you can achieve your desired degree of enhancement. For some patients, liposuction can reduce the fatty tissue under the chin and create a more refined contour.

Chin Implants
Chin implants increase the size and projection of the chin in order to create a more defined and masculine appearance. Dr Richardson places incisions either under the chin or inside the mouth in the lower lip.

Jaw Implants
Jaw implants refine the jawline and enhance the width of the lower face. Dr Richardson generally inserts these through incisions inside the mouth or under the chin.

Cost of Male Facial Implants

The fees for male facial implants can vary due to a number of variables. When outlining the fees of your procedure, we must consider several factors, such as hospital, surgeon, and anaesthetist fees. Additionally, you will need to pay for medication, post-op care, and the implants themselves.

Since this is a cosmetic procedure (meaning it is not medically required), patients typically must pay for the total cost of their surgery. We can answer further questions about fees during your initial appointment.

Your Personal Consultation

Request a Consultation

Your personal consultation is the first step to finding the right procedure for you. Dr Jeremy Richardson is a highly skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon, dedicated to providing quality results and a positive patient experience.

Book your appointment to
  • Discuss your physical concerns and goals
  • Receive an outline of your surgical options
  • Get quality advice from a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Receive a customised treatment plan
  • Meet Dr Richardson’s Patient Coordinator and team who will support you through your journey


After your surgery, you may have some swelling and pain, which should subside within two weeks. We can prescribe pain medicine in order to help manage any discomfort during recovery. Also, we will give you specific post-op instructions, including how to care for your incision/s at home. It is important to follow your aftercare advice in order to speed the healing process and achieve a pleasing end result. For example, you may need to:

  • Sleep with your head elevated
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take prescribed medication
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Eat soft foods during initial recovery
  • Avoid putting pressure on your incisions
  • Refrain from heavy lifting and exercise

Although every patient may have a slightly different recovery, there are certain things you can expect after surgery for male facial implants:

  • Some redness, swelling, and discomfort for one to two days
  • Swelling should be significantly reduced by one to two weeks
  • Return to work after one week
  • Return to your normal workout routine after three to four weeks

Risks and Complications

Although most patients are happy with their facial implants, there are some risks involved. Before your surgery, you should make sure you are educated about the risks so that you are fully informed and prepared. These can include:

  • Ongoing pain and swelling
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Unwanted results
  • Numbness
  • Poor implant placement
  • Further surgery

You can reduce your risks by choosing a reputable surgeon to perform the procedure. Dr Richardson will ensure you get the right care and treatment for your health, face shape, and goals.

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