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The appearance fo the nose influences facial symmetry and balance, and its function greatly affects breathing and the quality of your voice.

Rhinoplasty, or nose-shaping surgery, improves the size, shape, and projection of the nose, and enhances nasal breathing. Typically requiring general anaesthesia and an overnight stay, the procedure takes between 2-4 hours and involves placing a discrete incision between the nostrils, and up inside them, to expose the underlying cartilages and bone which are reshaped to change the external appearance of the nose. 

Rhinoplasty may be performed alone or in combination with facial implant or chin realignment surgery. A septoplasty or turbinectomy may also be performed to correct breathing difficulties, during which the nasal septal cartilage and other lining structures are realigned to improve nasal airflow.

Rhinoplasty surgery refines and realigns the nose to bring it into balance with other facial features. Nasal breathing is improved and patient satisfaction and longevity are often reported. Significant complications from nasal surgery are rare and incisions are inconspicuous.

Depending on the extent of nasal surgery, recovery times vary between individuals. You should allow 1-2 weeks off work as the initial swelling and bruising around the eyes and cheeks settle. To protect your reshaped nose, most patients are required to wear a nasal splint during the first 7–10 days and use a SPF 50+ sunscreen to avoid exposing nasal skin to direct sunlight. Whilst gentle exercise may be resumed after 2–3 weeks, strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4–6 weeks following surgery. 

Your nose will look different immediately after your procedure, but your final result will not be apparent for 12-18 months. Like the rest of your face, your nose may change shape over time, and surgery will aim to support it and minimise these changes. Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty surgery are fit, have completed facial growth, do not smoke, are not taking blood-thinning medication, and have realistic expectations.

Following your rhinoplasty, it is important to maintain the results you have achieved. This maintenance will include living a healthy lifestyle and not smoking, as well as regular skin care and sun protection with a high SPF. For optimal results, peels, regular muscle-relaxing injections and fillers may be recommended.

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