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Neck Lift

As we age, the skin and soft tissues of our face and neck lose elasticity and volume, and with bony resorption, this can cause our features and facial appearance to change.

A neck lift removes loose skin and excess fat from the neck and tightens the underlying muscles to improve the tone and definition of the neck and jawline. A neck lift can be performed on its own but typically is performed in combination with a face lift and other procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or skin resurfacing, to give a balanced and harmonious facial appearance.

Neck lift surgery takes approximately three hours and is performed under general or light sedation anaesthesia. It may be performed as a day procedure, but typically you will have a short stay overnight. Whilst there are many variations in technique, incisions are commonly hidden in the natural contours on the side of the face at the hairline, behind the ear, and beneath the chin. Through these, the skin is elevated, excess fat is removed and the underlying muscle is tightened; and if prominent, glands may be safely adjusted to improve the neck contour. Non-surgical options, such ultrasound or radiofrequency (RF) therapy can also help improve facial appearance and contour after your procedure.

After your neck lift, your neck will appear firmer and more defined. The procedure restores a smoother, more pleasing contour to the neck and patient satisfaction is often reported for many years following. Significant complications from neck lift surgery are infrequent, and in many instances, you are able to return to work and resume most normal activities within a couple of weeks.

The results and longevity of a neck lift and facial rejuvenation can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the individual outcome desired, as well as the degree of skin laxity, aging, and sun damage. Ideal candidates for neck lift procedures and facial rejuvenation are fit, do not smoke, are not taking blood-thinning medication and have realistic expectations. After neck lift and facial rejuvenation procedures, a period of psychological adjustment is common as you settle into your new and improved appearance.

Following your neck lift, it is important to maintain the results you have achieved. This maintenance will include living a healthy lifestyle and not smoking, as well as regular skin care and sun protection with a high-SPF. For optimal results, peels, regular muscle-relaxing injections and fillers may be recommended.

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