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Do I need a facelift?

Often patients say, “this is what I want,” when it really is “this is what you need.”

Whilst no one “needs” cosmetic plastic surgery, it is your anatomy that dictates what should be done to achieve the result you desire. It is only through years of studying, rigorous training, and operating that a surgeon acquires the experience and judgement to know what is required to lead to a safe and predictable outcome.

This means that while you may not need a facelift, a trained plastic surgeon will know what needs to be done to give you a pleasing result.

How does a surgeon decide what needs to be done?

In order to determine what needs to be done to achieve the desired aesthetic effect, your surgeon needs to gather a variety of information. This includes taking a thorough history and performing a detailed examination of your facial anatomy. It will also involve enquiring into your motivations, hopes, and reasons for having plastic surgery.

Therefore, you should think about what you hope to achieve from facelift surgery before getting in touch with a surgeon. Knowing your goals and hopes for the procedure will allow us to design your surgery specifically for you.

Is every facelift different?

Although similar techniques are used across the board, only a surgeon’s trained eye can tailor the procedure to the unique anatomy and goals of the patient. This means it’s important to trust the guidance of your surgeon, who has years of training, knowledge, and experience in producing satisfying patient outcomes.

In other words, while a patient may know what outcomes they want, only a specialist plastic surgeon knows how to translate these goals into a plan that yields actual results. In this way, your surgeon knows what you “need” in order to give you what you “want.”

Facelift surgery with Dr Jeremy Richardson

Dr Jeremy Richardson aims for natural, beautiful results for every patient, enhancing what you have and allowing you to be the best version of you. If Dr Richardson only performed precisely what has been requested, all too often the goals for a procedure would not be achieved, leaving both the patient and himself disappointed.

Instead, Dr Richardson will speak to you in your consultation, understand your needs and desires, and convert this into an actionable plan. In our experience, this will lead to a harmonious and pleasing result, and hopefully, both a happy patient and surgeon.

To find out more about facelift surgery, read more on our main procedure page, or contact us and schedule your private consultation.